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Program 01 - Your PLAYERS

What are YOU & your TEAM capable of?

As mentioned earlier YOUR ripple-effect impacts everything around YOU which means that what you are capable of will determine how well your business operates, inturn dictates your message to market producing the desired results or not, for both you and your business. Team sport has a similar flow-on 'ripple-effect'. As a single player your actions will affect the other players individually, as a team, how the game is played overall and ultimately a favourable result.

MINDSET (Think with Intent - purpose)
How you think & why you think that way - positive / negative attitude - visual or analytical or both - approach to decision-making & more

SKILLSET (Act in Context - process)
What skills do you have & what skills don't you have - do you know how & when to apply them - research skills for decision-making & more

TOOLKIT (Keep the Clarity Consistent - people)
Available resources & consistent message to market - materials manufacture & supply - information sourcing for decision-making & more

"All the days that you wake up you have one job and that's
to get BETTER, every single day."

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Program 02 - Your TACTICS

SOLUTION provide or problem SOLVE.

Tactics are smaller, more precisely honed strategies designed for a specific outcome, the ability to calculate steps - resolving issues or problems, hiring better staff, disgruntled staff, company culture, changing direction, emerging markets, getting to the cause of problems rather than treating symptoms, deciding what milestones to target, etc - how to approach a specific goal for the prescribed outcome. Tactics are so unique they can be worked forward for goal-setting or backwards for problem-solving. In fact, goal-setting is problem-solving in reverse.

PUSH / Ask (Send it out - purpose)
To continually refine and stay up-to-date you must push your message out to the market or ask the hard questions to be aware of what is going on around you - keep asking, never accept the status quo.

PULL / Answer (Bring it back - process)
Understand the feedback or responses you get back by pulling it apart and deciding on your next step to adjust.

CONNECT / Act (Actions to achieve - people)
The above information will enable precise decision making to develop specific actions / Tactics to achieve the necessary outcomes.

"Talent wins games but TEAMWORK wins Championships!"

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Program 03 - Your GAMEPLAN

CONTROL what you can - INFLUENCE what you can't.

You must always start by recognising what your Big Picture is - your vision. We need to visualise what we want from what we do - the world we want to live in. With that in mind, work it backwards to assign the steps needed to calculate the actions required of your Team to undertake from Today to achieve your Legacy. To achieve your vision, it needs to be understand by all involved so that they can successfully enact their role.

DISCOVERY (Pull it apart - people)
Is to be aware of, and understand in depth everything that is going on around you - to have Clarity within the right Context is extremely important.

STRATEGY (Put it back together - process)
Enables the opportunity to take back Control, to simplify, to re-Connect, to spring clean the things that lack efficiency and implement new Beginnings.

EXECUTION (Actions from Today to Legacy - purpose)
Is not just the actions, it is knowing the Vision and the Narrative and Owning the responsibility to ensure the goals and milestones from above, actually happen.

"Its the magic within each of us that gives us the potential to inspire the world."

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How will you CHANGE the WORLD?


In 1891 James Naismith invented a new indoor sport for winter in a school in Massachusetts, not knowing he had, in fact, started the LEGACY of Basketball.

One of the largest franchised sports in the world today, played in every country by all ages and worth billions as a sport - even more to peripheral companies and brands. A true legacy had begun out of simple needs.

Today, the Legacy that is Basketball has created many additional Legacies like Player Legacies (Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, DRose, Larry Bird, Shaq, Dr. J, Magic & many more), Team Legacies (Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, Boston Celtics & others), and Coaching Legacies (Phil Jackson, Steve Kerr & others) plus the many brands that leverage the sport as well - this is just in the NBA. Australia also has many of its own Legacies in the NBL just not as internationally recognised but still Legacies.

A true Legacy is changing the way people do things, the way they ACT, the way they THINK, how they are MOTIVATED, changing societal HABITS. It is NOT about your bank account, how much you own, how much power you have or even what you hand over in inheritance.

'It is about CHANGING the WORLD for the better - not for personal gain!'

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