Your BEST asset is YOU!

Remember back when you started the business you were the one with the passion, the ideas, the drive to succeed - retaining this and improving on it regularly is your best investment in YOU. For more info

Run your business like a high performance sports team with quicker, more rewarding results - a favourable scoreline. Coaches, like business owners, rely on how good their players and coaching staff are at their job. They need to be in top condition, skilful, attentive, passionate, listen to direction, energetic, smart and work as a team. ... Business owners require similar. Define strategic roles and recruit the RIGHT people for your team.

    Understand your ...
    INTERNAL - Gameplan
    EXTERNAL - Content Strategy
    CONNECT - Client VALUE
    Create the following ...
    PUSH - Send your message
    PULL - Get back the enquiry
    COLLECT - Know your client

"Steve's understanding of the consumer and corporate markets plus segmentation knowledge assisted me in
becoming a great deal more focused on customer intimacy."

Tim Greenhill - Impact Management Pty Ltd - (International) Sydney


How we can transform your business through better strategy and knowledge. For more info


Send out short, regular 'Customer VALUE' messages and keep them relevant, eductional and beneficial.


Interested potential clients will enquire because you have made it about THEM - you have made them feel special.


This action is a continuously improving cycle because the more you know your audience, the more hot buttons (VALUE) you connect with them on.

"I have worked with Steve for many years and he has provided valuable advice and strategy each time.
I consider him an extremely valuable resource and trusted colleague."

Tony Patterson - AdBuySell & Dailyshopper - (National) Melbourne


To be able to CONNECT with your ideal client you need to understand them - who they are, what they want, when they want it and how do they want it. For more info


Know who to target

Understand who you want as an ideal client before you waste money looking for anyone.


Where do they come from?

After deciding WHO then understand their JOURNEY. Why are you important to them.



Now that you understand their WHO & WHY, you now know where you fit in their decision making.

"Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying
customer requirements profitably."

Official academic definition from the CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing)


The Profile7 services are not generic templates, in fact it is a series of programs and services that enhance your uniqueness by encouraging and inspiring you to explore the right questions to find answers that strengthen your business. For more info

  • Quick Analysis & DIY actions
  • 'First Impressions Q/A' - 1st meeting
  • Design a new action plan
  • New GamePlan on a Page - 2nd meeting
  • Get Started
  • Full Strategy Creation
  • New Strategy Development Workshops
  • Strategy Summary on a Page
  • Your New 3 Part Elevator Pitch
  • Get Started
  • Additional P7 services
  • Hands On Monthly Consultancy
  • Keep You on Target - Goal Motivator
  • Graphic Design - Image & Branding
  • Get Started
"Marketing is not only much broader than selling, it is not a specialised activity at all. It encompasses the entire business.
Concern and responsibility for marketing must therefore permeate all areas of the enterprise."

Peter Drucker - founder of the Drucker Institute
- quoted by BusinessWeek as the man who invented management


The following are samples of client design work undertaken - some have been produced to the client's specification and some under P7 advisement. For more info

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