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About Profile7

Profile7 aims to help you assert a necessary balance and harmony through clarity and context in everything you do.

During my 30+ years of working in, and consulting to the media, marketing, PR and publishing industries, working with a multitude of clients for a variety of reasons from different industries - latest campaigns, new identities, internal culture, external reputation, profiling, cashflow, staffing, systems, processes, emerging markets, business structures, timing, etc, etc - I have managed to fill my library with experience after experience.

From the little, seemingly insignificant things to the complete turn-arounds, from in the red to now black - all very important in the right context - to the people and companies I served. It has allowed me to accrue plenty of highly valuable knowledge and intellectural property to share with you.

That 30 year apprenticeship has certainly taught me the difference between right and wrong, valuable and superficial, important and ego, wealth and greed, success and legacy, however, unfortunately in this busy world many companies are only scratching the surface to either survive or money grab - not caring about the damage left behind, like a ship on the ocean.

Everyone's situation is not the same but everyone's situation has similarities - common traits, familiar threads, sub-structures that influence the outcomes - Purpose, People, Process. These are the areas that need our focus, our attention - if you want a business that lasts longer than the next trend or pandemic then these are the areas of importance.

You have to be observant from outside your world and be able to see from you, to the horizon and back, 360o, every day - be aware of what is going on around you to adapt, adjust, evolve. It is your responsibility because everything you do affects everything around you - the lives of others.

Profile7's core value is to strategically improve our client's business outcome from a daily benefit to leaving the most worthy of legacies at a later time. To achieve new outcomes requires accurate decisions and the respect, research and resources it deserves.

"Embedding PURPOSE in your business will help it to stand out, and align it with customers who have the same values."

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Profile7 Think3 systems

Think3 Strategic Mindset

THINK3 is a particular mindset, a specific way of thinking based on the triangulation method to keep it simple and to the point - CLARITY, CONTEXT and INTENT. Three of the most important elements of doing or achieving anything significant.

The system encourages the combining of the visual with the literary aspects and highlighting the actions required. Starting with the central 'Viewpoints' and structurally working within or around them helps in the comprehension when presenting to others, in designing forecast solutions or problem-solving, building strategies or extracting tactics, self-improvement to long term Legacy.

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Tim Greenhill - International Management Consultant - Sydney

"I first worked with Steve in 1998 where he supplied consultative advice on marketing campaigns for my business and how to best leverage ROI from my marketing campaigns and investments. To this day, I have remained close to Steve as I find his commercial insights, innovative solutions and suggestions not only a breath of fresh air but a source of 'driving for better financial results'. His understanding of the consumer and corporate markets plus segmentation knowledge assisted me in becoming a great deal more focused on customer intimacy."

Sebastian Muscolino - SPS Group - Brisbane - National

"Since starting work with Steve in 2016, the business has taken on a more focused, strategic and purposeful direction - reinforcing connections with existing customers as well as facilitate new ones. Steve brings experience, knowledge and vision, and acts as a great objective springboard for new ideas and concepts. Steve continues to be an integral part of the business growth strategy."

Karmel Rashidi - OZPS - Oz Property Solutions - Melbourne - National

"I have worked with Steve professionally since 2011 and he has always provided valuable advice and strategy each time. I consider Steve an extremely valuable resource, trusted colleague and key company advocate, ongoing. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve in the knowledge that he will honor any commitment with honesty, open mindedness and willingness to provide the best possible result."


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"I am not a product of my circumstances.
I am a product of my DECISIONS."

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If you would like to know more about what 'Your Next Step' should be then please contact us today to set up an obligation free meeting.

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